Powder Metallurgy Technology

Powder Metallurgy Technology

Xi’An TRUSUNG Advanced Material Co., Ltd manufactures AlSiC materials with low body fraction based on powder metallurgy process

△ Medium and low body fraction refers to: the SiC volume fraction content in the composite material is between 15% and 55%

△ Technical principle:

Aluminum alloy powder is prepared by vacuum gas atomization powder technology, and then mixed with ceramic particle powder (mainly SiC powder);

The sleeve is formed by hot isostatic pressing (a special forming process close to full density), and then the sheath skin is removed and heat treated to obtain a hot isostatic pressing material product.

△ Technical advantages:

The forming density exceeds 99%; the forming material has a low degree of segregation; the alloying degree is high; the material can be subsequently deformed to obtain a fully dense product;

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