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Mixing method of aluminum silicon carbide


The two substances silicon carbide and aluminum produce a chemical reaction. It is a thermal reaction, and the temperature may reach about 1450 degrees to form a solid solution. The chemical equation is as follows:

SiC Al = Al3Si4 (heated)

Silicon carbide, is a kind of inorganic, chemical formula for SiC, is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), sawdust (the production of green silicon carbide need to add salt) and other raw materials through the resistance furnace high temperature smelting. Silicon carbide is also present in nature as a rare mineral, moissanite. In C, N, B and other non-oxide high-tech refractory raw materials, silicon carbide is the most widely used and most economical one, which can be called gold and steel sand or refractory sand.

China's industrial production of silicon carbide is divided into black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide two, are six-party crystal, the proportion of 3.20~3.25, microhardness of 2840~3320kg/mm2.


Introduction of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Preparation Technology

According to the structural design requirements, making the reinforcement material SiC evenly distributed in the matrix is also one of the key technologies in the manufacture of aluminum silicon carbide materials. Especially in the low volume aluminum silicon carbide stirring method, vacuum pressure infiltration method, powder metallurgy method, the agglomeration of SiC particles, and the uniform distribution of SiC particles of different sizes is a difficult point.

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