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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum-based silicon carbide brake pads


Advantages of good wear resistance, disadvantages of high cost.

The advantages of aluminum-based silicon carbide brake pads have good braking performance, can effectively reduce braking time, have good wear resistance, can resist high temperature and high humidity environments, have good corrosion resistance, and can effectively prevent Corrosion, good heat resistance, can effectively resist high temperature, has good tensile strength, and can resist tensile force. The disadvantage is that the cost is high, the installation and maintenance are more complicated, and it has a certain impact on the emission performance of the car.

Aluminum silicon carbide is called aluminum-based silicon carbide ceramic particle reinforced composite material, which is a composite material of metal and ceramic, and has excellent properties of metal aluminum and silicon carbide ceramic.


Introduction of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Preparation Technology

According to the structural design requirements, making the reinforcement material SiC evenly distributed in the matrix is also one of the key technologies in the manufacture of aluminum silicon carbide materials. Especially in the low volume aluminum silicon carbide stirring method, vacuum pressure infiltration method, powder metallurgy method, the agglomeration of SiC particles, and the uniform distribution of SiC particles of different sizes is a difficult point.

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