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Specific heat capacity of aluminum and silicon carbide


Specific heat capacity:

The heat absorbed by a temperature increase of 1 ℃ per unit mass of a substance is called the specific heat capacity of the substance.

It has nothing to do with temperature.

The specific heat capacity of aluminum is 0.88 × 103

J/(kg ℃), which means that 1kg of aluminum will absorb 0.88 × 103J of heat when it rises by one degree Celsius.

Silicon carbide (SiC) seems to be very special, with temperature changes, with the increase of temperature and increase. For example, 399.84J/(kg k) at -106 ℃, 472.27J//(kg k) at 107 ℃ and 1266.93J/(kg k) at 247 ℃, you can use the above data to make a temperature-specific heat curve.


Introduction of Aluminum Silicon Carbide Preparation Technology

According to the structural design requirements, making the reinforcement material SiC evenly distributed in the matrix is also one of the key technologies in the manufacture of aluminum silicon carbide materials. Especially in the low volume aluminum silicon carbide stirring method, vacuum pressure infiltration method, powder metallurgy method, the agglomeration of SiC particles, and the uniform distribution of SiC particles of different sizes is a difficult point.

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