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AlSiC Heat Sink


AlSiC IGBT substrate AlSiC heat sink

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AlSiC has great potential in military microelectronics and civil microelectronics because of its low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, light weight and high stiffness.

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AlSiC is characterized by its low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and high stiffness.military microelectronicsandcivilian microelectronicsApplication potential is huge.

AlSiC can be applied to: flip-chip cover plate. AlSiC is an ideal material for this application because its CTE can be matched to dielectric substrates, ceramic ball arrays (BGA), low temperature sintered ceramic (LTCC) materials, and printed circuit boards, while also having high thermal conductivity values. In addition, the high strength and hardness of AlSiC also provides protection for integrated circuit devices during assembly. The low density of such materials may also improve the reliability of the device when subjected to shock or vibration.

 AlSiCCan be applied to: electronic chip (application specific integrated circuit) and power module heat sink; Microprocessor cover and radiator; Computer chip(CPU)and server chips (MPU) of the cover plate or the bottom heat sink


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