Aluminum silicon (AlSi) series

Silicon aluminum (AISi) material is also a metal ceramic composite material, which makes full use of the properties of aluminum and metal silicon, and is mainly used for aerospace packaging tube shell. Although its thermal conductivity is slightly inferior to that of aluminum silicon carbide, its hardness is lower and its machining performance is better than that of aluminum silicon carbide. The silicon content is 27%,42%,50%,60% and 70%. It is mainly used in electronic packaging and plays an excellent role in the packaging of microwave power devices, integrated power modules, T/R modules and other electronic power devices. The use of high-silicon aluminum alloy as the base, shell, box, and cover of the electronic packaging material has high matching, can provide better heat dissipation, can greatly extend the service life of the packaged high-power module, and increase reliability. The material has the characteristics of light weight, high rigidity, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, good mechanical processing and surface coating performance and welding performance, and the material has the characteristics of good compactness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
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